Trust Stewardship

We are dedicated to the growth and preservation of family legacies. Through the Corundum Trust Company, we create wealth management solutions to help you sustain your wealth across future generations.

Trust Services

Corundum Trust Company’s professional services extend far beyond the scope of common bank trustees. Based on the partnership with Corundum Group, the trust company offers advanced financial strategies that are created using the same disciplined process.

Corundum Trust Company isn’t limited by institutional lists of proprietary products or services, nor are they unduly influenced by them. Instead of off-the-rack plans and tactics, you get disciplined thinking, a conservative work ethic, and carefully chosen investment vehicles.

Analysis & Planning

Whether we are working with you to create a new trust instrument or to manage an existing trust, we devote substantial time toward understanding and analyzing the family’s needs. We can employ creative strategies to best serve you, your family, and the generations to come.


The role of trustee is one of long-term importance. If charged with creating a trust, we collaborate with you and a team of trust professionals to determine which vehicle will prove most effective in fulfilling the instrument’s objectives. In the case of existing trusts, we consult with the creators whenever possible, to clarify their original intentions. If needed, we can employ a variety of techniques to modify the trust when possible if the creators are no longer living and the family’s needs have changed.


Beneficiaries of existing trusts find Corundum Trust Company to be an invaluable resource in the role of co-trustee, particularly when relationships with mandated parties prove less than effective.

Philanthropic Giving

The purpose of philanthropic giving is to provide the greatest benefit to both the recipient and the donor. By working with our clients to select the ideal vehicle for expressing their generosity, we maximize the positive impact of the charitable donation, while potentially enjoying tax savings. Our extensive experience extends to the creation and management of private foundations, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, donor advised funds, direct gifts, and beyond.

Corundum Trust Company

The South Dakota Advantage

Founded exclusively to serve the trust management needs of Corundum Group’s clients, the Corundum Trust Company provides numerous benefits associated with its location in Sioux Falls, South Dakota:

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