We know your assets are important, and we are committed to preserving and growing what’s yours. We do so by truly understanding the breadth of your financial vision. Together, we can work to achieve your dreams —no matter where you want to go. That’s how Our WellWorth Process can put you a step ahead.


Our investment management philosophy aims to give you the confidence that your money is well-invested — for preservation and growth — allowing you the freedom to prosper.

Investment Management

Planning that makes sense

Our goal in investment management is to provide you with custom-designed strategies that address your unique needs and accommodate your attitude toward risk. Corundum Group provides a broad range of investment options to help you set and achieve your growth, income, risk management, and diversification objectives.

We believe investment strategies should be adapted as changing conditions warrant, but that success is born of smart strategies employed over long time periods. Moreover, we believe loss of capital is more regrettable than loss of opportunity; hence if we err, we prefer to do so on the side of conservatism.

Publicly Traded Securities

Working with winners

Corundum Group’s primary approach to publicly traded markets is to utilize the expertise of professional money management firms. We undertake a thorough screening and selection from among the premier investment managers; a similar process to that used by large institutions, such as endowment funds and pension plans.

Advanced Investment Techniques

Alternatives beyond stocks & bonds

We actively source alternative investments to provide an increased opportunity for return. These investments can include real estate, private equity and bank loan participations, and are often managed internally within limited liability companies.

Analysis Using Asset Allocation & Management

Setting the terms

We operate under the basic tenet that a disciplined approach to asset allocation is essential to long-term growth and mitigation of risk. Guided by this principle, the investment process at Corundum Group begins with understanding your income needs, short and long-term growth objectives, and your emotional tolerance for risk. After addressing all questions regarding the methods necessary to achieve your goals, we can then use modern portfolio theory and computer modeling to establish a well-tailored asset allocation plan.

Trust STewardship

Sustaining your wealth across future generations

Corundum Group is proud to provide trust stewardship through our affiliate, Corundum Trust Company. Founded exclusively to serve the trust management needs of Corundum Group’s clients, the trust company is a rarity in the world of wealth management. Our experienced team works to oversee the growth and preservation of family legacies. Leveraging opportunities offered by a South Dakota situs, we create wealth management solutions that remain effective for generations to come.

Financial Concierge

Enjoy the simplicity of your own personal financial professionals who monitor and coordinate all aspects of your financial life.