Our Team

Kim Long

Client Service Manager, Corundum Group

Kim’s career started in banking in the Colorado Springs area where she worked at several branches before shifting to the investment arena. After working at Merrill Lynch, RBC Wealth Management and Smith Barney—Kim landed at Corundum Group.

Kim has been with the company since its early years and her role has evolved along with the Corundum Group itself. Still, one aspect remains consistent—Kim’s focus on providing the best possible client experience. Clients and co-workers alike appreciate the care she shows in everything she does as well as her willingness to always go the extra mile. Kim’s nature as a people person is a natural fit for her daily work.

Kim and her husband Ken have built a community with many of the same neighbors for nearly three decades. She enjoys participating in chili cook-offs (her neighbors recommend her green chili mac and cheese!), charcuterie boards in November, and holiday lights. Beyond the traditions though, it’s the true community of support that means the most. Kim’s home is a hub for the neighborhood as well as a happy haven for two felines.

True to her reputation as a good neighbor, Kim enjoys serving the community through her role on Central Bancorp’s Charitable Giving Committee.

Best at:

A warm greeting

Cares about:

Giving her best


Can you be too friendly?