Our Team

Justin Leveille

Vice President of Operations, Corundum Group

Every good mission needs a command center. At the Corundum Group, the guy behind the controls is Justin Leveille. He started as an intern and has been with the company for over 20 years. Justin heads up the company’s operations team and ensures that the complex behind-the-scenes processes go smoothly. This also helps streamline the management of client accounts and investments.

It takes a bonafide nerd (a title Justin wears proudly) to truly enjoy the fast-paced action of keeping up with technology, regulations and varied client needs that are required to keep the firm functioning at a high level. Justin’s passion serves him well in his role at the Corundum Group.

Don’t be fooled by Justin’s messy desk. He knows where every single item is and he wants it that way. There’s a method to his madness!

The desk is filled with paper and reports and his brain is filled with the facts that make things work. As for his home, it’s usually filled with foster kittens. In addition, Justin, his wife, and their two daughters sponsor a Peruvian child and do charity work whenever possible. His experience as a first generation immigrant and world traveler continually expands his perspective and contributes to his sincere interest in people.

Best at:

Speaking nerd and normal

Cares about:



Sci-fi movies