Our Team

Jill Johnson

President, Corundum Group

It would’ve surprised college-era Jill–a journalism student–to know that she’d land in the world of investment management and like it so much. Early in her marketing career in the homebuilding industry, Jill discovered a passion for the business side of her field. As Central Bancorp’s Marketing Director, Jill was a part of the leadership team that helped establish and grow Central Bancorp’s brand. As her skills and interests expanded, Jill took the natural next step–getting trained and certified as a Wealth Advisor.

Jill steadily took on more responsibilities in estate management and trust formation. As President of the Corundum Group, she now manages clients’ portfolios with financial concierge services. Her 30,000 foot-view of her clients’ worlds positions her to identify potential vulnerabilities and provide solutions. As a member of the Investment Committee, she also creates and manages investments that provide clients with one-of-a-kind opportunities.

As a natural connector who genuinely cares about doing what’s right for the person in front of her, this is a fit for Jill’s values. Jill appreciates the opportunities her role provides to build community and contribute to important causes. Jill has served on planning committees, fundraising committees, and as a board member for a number of charitable organizations. In addition to lending her skills on a leadership level, she has also done hands-on volunteer work with the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Good Will, and Something New.

Jill has a special place in her heart for vulnerable populations. She is passionate about causes that build community and provide support systems that change lives rather than just providing a temporary fix.

As a community-minded person, Jill enjoys creating opportunities for people to connect–whether by baking something to bring friends and family together around a table or by hosting casual gatherings. She also enjoys getting out in the sunshine to walk with friends or jog with her dog Lacey.

Best at:

Communicating clearly and helping people get on the same page

Cares about:

Family in all of its forms


Can’t be convinced to wear sunscreen