Our Team

Courtney Mimmo

Client Relationship Manager, Corundum Group

Courtney’s diverse background includes making political spots at a post-production facility in Washington DC, supporting creative services at a news station, working at a large ad agency, heading up the digital media/social media efforts for large brands, and serving as the Director of Social Media at a PR firm.

Even though Courtney was born and raised in Miami, as an adult she and her husband decided that the fast-paced and traffic-filled lifestyle was no longer what they wanted so they sold their home and headed for the hills of Colorado. Courtney lived and worked in Boulder for five years before deciding to move to Colorado Springs to be closer to family and find a company she could be with for the long term. She found that special place at Central Bancorp. As the Director of Marketing, she especially enjoyed helping each business unit figure out solutions and market to their unique strengths.

Courtney’s current role as Client Relationship Manager with Corundum Group brings together her diverse talents: helping people, problem solving, and simplifying complex information.

For Courtney, one of Colorado’s biggest benefits is getting to ski regularly and enjoy the outdoors year-round. Having a (very) big family gave Courtney something akin to a Master’s Degree in Peacemaking with an emphasis in Big Personalities. This helped set her up for success as much as any formal education. Courtney is fortunate to live on the same block as her sister and her family.

Courtney and Nick are also parents to two dogs – Baxter and Boots – whom she walks daily. She loves music, books, and films. If she watches even two minutes of a movie, she will finish it even if it’s terrible. She simply must know how it ends.

Best at:

Problem solving

Cares about:

Family and togetherness


Quoting movies, sometimes obscurely