About Us

Stewards of Your Wealth


At Corundum Group, we provide an integrated approach to your financial world that starts with understanding you. The close relationships we enjoy with our clients are built on our commitment to fostering trust and facilitating clear communication.

Formed in 1992, Corundum Group is a Registered Investment Advisor that oversees approximately $800 million in assets. Originally organized as a family office, our clients enjoy the access and service of a boutique firm that leverages world-class products and advice. Corundum Group augments its investment advisory platform with estate planning support and a full range of concierge services.

Why Corundum?

Corundum, a beautiful mineral second only to diamonds in hardness, was the material at the heart of the 3M company’s founding. Our firm evolved a century later to serve several families descended from one of 3M’s founders. Our name was selected as a nod to our heritage as well as an enduring symbol of our strength and value as we continue to serve a broad array of clients today.

Our Comprehensive Approach

At Corundum Group, we are committed to looking after your financial wellbeing—that’s what Our WellWorth Process is all about. Life pulls you in many directions, and overseeing your financial plan can often fall to the bottom of the list. You can expend a tremendous amount of energy, time, and money coordinating various strategies with your financial advisors, attorneys, and accountants. The result can be plans that are piecemeal, incomplete, or become outdated over time.

That’s why we step in to shepherd your financial needs in a way that best suits you. Whether that is to simply keep your wealth management plan on a steady course, or to take a comprehensive role in overseeing all aspects of your investment, estate planning, tax preparation, banking, and trust needs. We will work together to construct a strategy to reach your goals and to define our role along the way.
Our Promise: One Voice, One Direction
Our team of specialists work collaboratively to create effective strategies drawn on a wealth of experience. This team is comprised of our internal professionals, and at times your other advisors, to coordinate and administer a sound wealth management and estate plan for you.

Reaching your goals together.