Let’s Build a Legacy Together

Personalized wealth management built around your vision.

Investment Management

We provide a sophisticated platform to build or augment your portfolio. Our advisors will help guide you through an array of well-structured offerings, including direct investment options.

Financial Concierge

We meet a variety of unique needs for our clients. Our team of professionals’ address everything from day-to-day transactional needs to long-term strategic planning. Whether your family requires investment management or a more broad array of products, we can help.

Estate Planning

Family estate plans are a critical aspect of your financial picture. Our knowledgeable team works with each of our clients to help develop solid, well-crafted plans.

What makes Corundum Group different? Our WellWorth Process is a proprietary approach for providing comprehensive, personalized wealth management expertise to build and preserve your assets. It is a process that has been developed, proven and trusted over time through strong operations built from a true family office background and genuine care about each client. But WellWorth is more than just services and advice. It’s about the relationships we build and value. And it’s more than the promises we make. It’s the promises we keep. That’s what makes us a family that puts family first.

Take advantage of our dedicated trust company created exclusively for Corundum Group clients. Experience the unwavering commitment and advanced experience of our trust specialists from comprehensive analysis and planning to ongoing administration.

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